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JOHN COHEN - concert and film screening at The Showroom, Asbury Park NJ

John Cohen at The Showroom 3/31/11

Legendary artist John Cohen will be screening his latest documentary, “Roscoe Holcomb: From Daisy, Kentucky” and performing a set of old time music with The Dust Busters on Thursday, March 31st at The Showroom in Asbury Park, NJ at 7 PM.

Cohen (a.k.a. “Uncle John” from the Grateful Dead song) is a filmmaker, photographer and musician who has worked primarily in Appalachia and Peru. He played for 50 years in The New Lost City Ramblers, who toured the world and released more than 30 albums.  Cohen released 16 musical documentaries and was a professor of photography and drawing at SUNY Purchase from 1972-97.

“Roscoe Holcomb: From Daisy, Kentucky” recently premiered at the Margaret Meade Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History together with a retrospective of John’s work and also just won the award for Best Documentary Short at the Woodstock Film Festival.

A great piece about John Cohen and the new film just aired on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

“I listened to The New Lost City Ramblers. Everything about them appealed to me — their style, their singing, their sound. I liked the way they looked, the way they dressed and especially I liked their name. Their songs ran the gamut in styles, everything from from mountain ballads to fiddle tunes and railroad blues. All their songs vibrated with some dizzy, portentous truth. I’d stay with The Ramblers for days. At the time, I didn’t know that they were replicating everything they did off old 78 records, but what would it have mattered anyway? It wouldn’t have mattered at all. For me, they had originality in spades, were men of mystery on all counts. I couldn’t listen to them enough.” –Bob Dylan from “Chronicles”

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Adam Cantor Photography

 Richard Morris

The triCityNews wrote a very generous piece in today’s issue about me and the music events I am promoting in Asbury Park.  It wasn’t included in print, so I want to credit the photographer who took these pictures, Adam Cantor.  http://www.adamcantor.net/

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Richard Morris & Friends All-Star Bluegrass Jam

New Harmonies Concert Celebrating Asbury Park’s Music Heritage - March 13, 2011


L-R: Bob Harris, John Grubb, Mark Clifford, Richard Morris, Gary Oleyar

I am very excited about this show and proud to share the stage with these musicians!

Mark Clifford is a veteran bluegrass banjo player originally from Liberty Corner, NJ. In 1977 he co-founded The Cloverhill Band, considered to be one of NJ’s best country-rock bands, and later played with the award-winning progressive bluegrass band “99 Years”. His playing can be heard on Bruce Springsteen’s Grammy-winning “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger”. Mark is owner of Skylands Professional Audio and is principal sound designer for the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival. He also serves as executive director of the Skylands Music & Arts Festival. Mark currently lives in Blairstown, NJ with his wife and two children.

Bob Harris performed for 15 years with fiddle legend Vassar Clements and served as his musical director.  He was the first place winner of Guitar Player International’s “Ultimate Guitar Competition” in 1992.  Bob continues to record and produce music for both major and independent record labels, including a recent production credit for Johnny Cash’s “The Great Lost Performance”, recorded in 1990 at The Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ.

Gary Oleyar has been playing the violin professionally for over 30 years. Gary has toured with Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, Bob Seger, and many others. As a studio musician in Nashville, Gary recorded with talented artists such as Marty Stuart, Paul Leim, and Eddie Bayers.  He has made TV appearances with Eddie Raven, Pam Tillis, The Lynns (Loretta’s twins), Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Chesney, Billy Burnette (of Fleetwood Mac) and Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo.

John Grubb is one of the best young bassists in contemporary bluegrass music today.  As a member of NJ-based Railroad Earth, he spent seven years touring the country and helping build the band’s devoted fan base.  He recently joined the Emmit-Nershi Band, adding his virtuosic touch to the group’s pyrotechnic picking.

Richard Morris is a mandolinist and guitarist born in Red Bank NJ.  He is a member of Brooklyn’s M SHANGHAI STRING BAND, and the producer of their first three albums.  As a mastering engineer at New York studios Sterling Sound and Masterdisk, he collaborated on many hit albums of the last decade, including “Yonder Is The Clock” by The Felice Brothers, the BBC’s 2009 Country Album of The Year.  He currently works as a mastering engineer at Asbury Media in Asbury Park, NJ.

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New Harmonies Concert Celebrating Asbury Park’s Music Heritage - March 13, 2011


I am very excited about this show and proud to have been asked to share the stage with these musicians!

 New Harmonies Concert
Celebrating Asbury Park’s Music Heritage

The Paramount Theater
Asbury Park, NJ

Sunday, March 13, 2011 - 7pm


Max Weinberg (E Street Band)
Bobby Bandiera (Bon Jovi)
Steve Forbert
Tyron McAllister Gospel Choir
Steel Mill
Billy Hector & Friends All Star Blues Jam
Chico Rouse & Friends All Star Jazz Jam
Richard Morris & Friends All Star Bluegrass Jam
Nicky Addeo & Friends
Plus Special Guests

 Produced by the Grammy Museum & The Asbury Park Music Heritage Committee

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“New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music” coming to Asbury Park in 2011

New Harmonies

I’m happy to be part of the programming committee for an exciting event coming to Asbury Park in Spring 2011. The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service program, Museum on Main Street, is presenting “New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music” at the Asbury Park Public Library from March 12th through April 17th.

The focus of the exhibit is the ongoing cultural process that has created such indigenous American music as Gospel, Blues, Country, Cajun, Native American, and Tejano. Individual stories of musicians are featured, and histories of various styles are provided through interactive displays.


In honor of this event, The City of Asbury Park has announced a 2011 Musical Heritage Celebration to showcase its own rich and varied legacy of music.  We are planning specific exhibit-related programs, and a year’s worth of great concerts, lectures, workshops, and film screenings.  Please visit Asbury Park Where Music Lives for more information and a complete calendar.  See you there!

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Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta


My favorite two man band is back with their latest album, “Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta”.  I had a hand in mixing this one along with the mastering.  We’ve done a few albums together and I always have a blast working with The Two Man Gentlemen Band!  Here they are promoting it with a live performance on WNYC’s Soundcheck.

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Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball Tournament


I’ll be playing softball to support a local charity on Saturday, August 28, in the Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball Tournament.  Our team’s donations will go to the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County, and a small contribution is very easy to make on the DONATE page of the website.  Please let them know you are sending money on my behalf so the proper charity is credited.

I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones, too, so if you see me there please say hi!

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M Shanghai String Band at FilmOne Fest


The M Shanghai String Band will be providing music for the Film One Fest in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, on July 17th. The band will appear onstage before the one-minute film screenings, from 7 until 9 PM. More information on Atlantic Highlands, transportation, and the festival can be found here.  Admission is free!

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The Deli Magazine Philadelphia online band-of-the-month poll

For the last few weeks I have been sponsoring the Deli Magazine’s online Band of The Month Poll in Philadelphia.  Winners receive two songs mastered for free, and most bands have come in with even more material (usually recorded at The Studio). I’ve gotten to work with some truly diverse artists and to go hear them live.  It’s been fun and it’s gotten me way more into the Philly scene.  Asbury Park is about the same distance between NYC and Philadelphia, and everyone seems to enjoy the vibe when they come out to attend their sessions.  

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Why hire me?


I meet some amazing people doing this work. Artists, producers, engineers: everyone has a unique point of view, and each project opens a different window into the creative process. I really enjoy the diversity of music I get to experience, too. Cutting edge kids, journeymen troubadours, old pros – I learn something from everybody.

As a musician, I sometimes live vicariously by asking my clients to tell me stories from the road or the studio. As they say, the grass is always greener… Recently, though, I worked with a guy who really made me appreciate my relative creature comforts. He is living out of his car between factory shifts to pay for and promote his hip hop album. He found my site online, called me, and after five minutes told me he liked my vibe and thought we could work well together - which we did.

That’s just the kind of connection I hope for, and I’m glad it helped him decide to work with me; although I’m sure my prices were a factor in making his decision, too. When I look at the analytical numbers for this site, the page with my rates gets the most hits. Why? That’s exactly what most cash-strapped musicians and producers want to know when they’re at the end of their recording project, behind schedule and over budget: “How cheaply can I get this done and still get a quality job that I’ll be happy with.”

That’s why I charge what I do. I’m upfront about my rates and additional charges and I don’t pull any punches. I run an independent LLC and take care of every aspect of my own business. My head, hands, and heart are involved from the beginning to the end, and there is no confusion about who to talk to when you need an answer.

I worked for years in the biggest studios in NYC: Sterling Sound and Masterdisk. I know how it gets done in the mastering room, in the front office, how to make clients feel comfortable, and most importantly, how to listen. I want my clients’ mastering experience to be full of laughs, some “a-ha” moments, and a great sense of satisfaction that comes when the album they’ve worked on so hard is finally done.


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