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Moving to Asbury Media!

Asbury Media

I guess I’m just lucky. In the small and competitive world of NYC mastering studios I’ve had the rare opportunity to be mentored by and to work alongside the very best. From Greg Calbi, Chris Athens, Leon Zervos, Chris Muth, and others at Sterling Sound to my recent tenure at Masterdisk with Scott Hull, I’ve tried to absorb as much as I could about the many technical and interpersonal aspects of the craft. It’s been educational!

Now I am moving to¬†Asbury Media, the studios of two-time GRAMMY award winning audio engineer Tom Ruff. Like me, Tom is a Jersey Shore native, and after years at Sony Music Mastering he’s set up a great spot of his own in the heart of Asbury Park’s burgeoning creative center. I’d like to encourage clients to make the easy trip from NYC to attend sessions to see what’s happening for yourself!I’m thrilled to be working with Tom and his staff at Asbury Media. The atmosphere there is totally pro, yet genuinely relaxed. It must be a Shore thing.

Here is the press release about this in prosoundnews.com