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Why hire me?


I meet some amazing people doing this work. Artists, producers, engineers: everyone has a unique point of view, and each project opens a different window into the creative process. I really enjoy the diversity of music I get to experience, too. Cutting edge kids, journeymen troubadours, old pros – I learn something from everybody.

As a musician, I sometimes live vicariously by asking my clients to tell me stories from the road or the studio. As they say, the grass is always greener… Recently, though, I worked with a guy who really made me appreciate my relative creature comforts. He is living out of his car between factory shifts to pay for and promote his hip hop album. He found my site online, called me, and after five minutes told me he liked my vibe and thought we could work well together - which we did.

That’s just the kind of connection I hope for, and I’m glad it helped him decide to work with me; although I’m sure my prices were a factor in making his decision, too. When I look at the analytical numbers for this site, the page with my rates gets the most hits. Why? That’s exactly what most cash-strapped musicians and producers want to know when they’re at the end of their recording project, behind schedule and over budget: “How cheaply can I get this done and still get a quality job that I’ll be happy with.”

That’s why I charge what I do. I’m upfront about my rates and additional charges and I don’t pull any punches. I run an independent LLC and take care of every aspect of my own business. My head, hands, and heart are involved from the beginning to the end, and there is no confusion about who to talk to when you need an answer.

I worked for years in the biggest studios in NYC: Sterling Sound and Masterdisk. I know how it gets done in the mastering room, in the front office, how to make clients feel comfortable, and most importantly, how to listen. I want my clients’ mastering experience to be full of laughs, some “a-ha” moments, and a great sense of satisfaction that comes when the album they’ve worked on so hard is finally done.